Los Lirios and Los Tulipanes - in concert with Cielito Lindo -will provide a comprehensively-design environment that avoids repetition and celebrates both social and formal diversity.  It will benefit the First and Soto Station with quality habitation, vital pedestrian life, an iconic backdrop to the Plaza, and a dramatic gateway to points east, west, north, and south.  It will be a project that both serves and expands Metro ridership by expanding the urban fabric in a way that is both vigorous and sensitive to the quality of city we are collaboratively creating.

The proposed Cielito Lindo project is a new construction of an approximately 65,000 square feet mixed-use and transit oriented development, and includes 5,000 Square Feet of retail,  50 units of affordable family housing, and an 8,500 square foot penthouse housing the offices of this project's developer.

Located at the Northeast quadrant of the 1st Street and Soto Ave intersection, the project is located in the hearth of Boyle Heights and situated diagonally opposite LA Metro Gold Line Soto station.  1st Street is an active and vibrant corridor, primarily lined with commercial/ retail buildings.  The Soto Avenue frontage on the other hand is primarily comprised of mid to high density residential buildings.

To relate to the primary one and two story mass of existing buildings along 1st Street, the new construction proposes a graduated massing. The four story residential mass is set back from the street  by 15 feet and pushed to the rear of the lot while, the two-story mass of retail and community room keeps to the front property line and reinforces the existing streetscape.

The development aims to achieve a high level of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency (45% better than required State standards.)  Most notable energy efficient and sustainable features of the building would include:  cool roof, increased insulation, low-e and dual glazed windows, high efficiency boiler and mechanical units, solar thermal domestic hot water system, energy star rated appliances and high recycled content construction material.