Gonzalez Goodale Architects was charged with planning, entitling, and designing the development of a restaurant at the northwest corner of Colorado Boulevard and Marengo in Old Pasadena. In the history of the the modernist neighbors on both sides of Colorado, but especially in the typology of the neighboring AT&T Building, there is a long tradition of large/small buildings that are conjoined, either programmatically or stylistically.

The unique challenge of this single-story project was to resolve the almost unavoidable narrative of this historical typology with the urbanistic focus of both the Midtown Specific Plan, and with the already-established precedents of both Old Pasadena. We proposed to achieve this resolution through a pavilion building type that is of substantive scale and transparency; whose roof overhang system meets the sidewalk, with an inclement weather systems defining hard-edged enclosure when required, and through the programmatic elements of eating and drinking, respectively, activated both sidewalk edges through functional zoning of indoor-outdoor space. 

While roof profile, transparency, and corner entrance element are addressed to the establishment of the building-as-object, the soft off-white tonality of the building addresses a harmonious neighborhood established by the long-standing commercial developments which have defined this sensitive connective corridor for decades.