Monrovia Public Library
Construction Manager | Bernards Construction

Through a non-traditional Multi-Prime partnership with the City of Monrovia - wherein the Client contracts all building trades  - Gonzalez Goodale Architects initiated and worked  highly collaboratively with the City and Bernards to design and develop the well loved public library and park which stands within the heart of the historically contextual Monrovia town center.  

In this unique agreement, the City absorbed the risk that would normally be assumed by the general contractor.  The profit generally associated with that risk went directly towards the library project investment instead.  This mechanism allowed for a high level of transparency in cost of construction (Open Book) with the City directly in control of the project while still retaining advocacy of Bernards construction manager representation to make major building design decisions based on community investment vs. cost.

Ultimately, the library and city park improvements were completed ahead of schedule, under budget, and with overwhelming support from the public.  In the spirit of civic-minded building, the surplus of budgeted funds that would have normally gone to the builder was instead returned to the community.